Staff Profile

John Lilley

Was born in the UK and lived in Australia until 1983 when he returned to the UK he served 12 years in the British Army’s elite infantry unit. During this time he was deployed on active duty in Northern Ireland during the peak of the troubles. There, he learnt the value of trust in your fellow soldiers and quick and decisive decision making under difficult conditions. John was also part of the Regimental Police where he became conversant with lawful process and investigative procedures whilst serving in a number of different countries. After he retired from the Army in 1995 he took up a position as a UK County Court Bailiff working in high risk council estates where he served court documents, enforced court orders such as evictions and repossessions and made arrests. This job often required John to use his negotiation and interpersonal skills to avoid conflict in an already tense situation. After four years he then entered the security industry where he held the position of head of security for an up market night club. This position allowed John to further his excellent interpersonal skills to contain and de-escalate volatile situations.
John returned to Australia in 2007 and after a number of different roles in the transport and building industry he returned to what he knew best…process serving and investigations. This resulted in the creation of Redi Services. John has high personal expectations and these are evident in his work ethic.

John’s Qualifications and Achievements:

  • Licensed Commercial Agent
  • Cert III Investigative Services
  • Licensed Private Investigator
  • Advanced interview and investigation skills
  • Management skills
  • Intelligence gathering
  • Problem solving

Karen Lilley

Commenced working in 1992 for a major financial institution eventually progressing on to account maintenance & investigations. She then worked in various roles, including sales and senior sales consultant in support of the branch manager. In 2004 Karen was promoted into a new role of Service Quality Officer which was created for large high performing branches in the field of risk & compliance in order to implement and create procedures to ensure that the business continued to grow in a profitable manner. Karen then took on the position of Market Compliance Specialist where she was responsible for audits, project work and facilitation of plans and recommendations. In 2006 Karen was seconded to work for Group Investigations as an Investigations Officer, investigating internal and external fraud as well as identifying faults in the business procedures and implemented measures to address these issues. Karen’s impressive career continued steadily to include the implementation and management of many projects which ultimately benefitted the business operations and its internal and external stakeholders.
January 2008 - May 2011, Karen was the Foreign Exchange Manager for Brisbane and has now become a full-time vital team member of Redi Services to ultimately assist us in improving our stakeholder services.

Karen’s Qualifications and Achievements:

  • Qualified Commissioner for Declarations
  • Licensed Commercial Agent
  • Certificate III in Financial Services
  • Management / Leadership skills
  • Problem solving
  • Australia Day Junior Citizenship Award
  • 1991 RSL Girl in a Million Quest – State Finalist
  • 30807QLD Course in On Site Testing for Alcohol and Drugs of Abuse